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This series is designed specifically for busy professionals like you, who find themselves drowning in tasks, constantly shifting priorities, and struggling to maintain focus.

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If you have ever said things like...

  • I am full of meetings! I have no time to do actual work.
  • I feel under pressure all the time.
  • I need to improve how to manage my time. I don't know what to prioritise; everything is urgent.
  • I feel I have a lot to do, and at the same time, I am not doing anything.
  • I'm jumping from one task to another, trying to catch up, and in the end, I don't finish anything. I feel being pulled in different directions.
  • I get distracted so often that it's so difficult to focus.
  • I am working so many hours that I feel I have no real life.

It's time to take charge and discover a more spacious, productive & joyful approach.

Hey! I'm Hilda Lorena

Panamanian living in Switzerland, wife & mother. Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, and MBA turned Accredited ICF and IIN Coach & NLP Practitioner.

I am very inspired to work with professionals in the corporate world who are struggling with self-doubt and exhaustion. My goal is to support them gain confidence and energy so that they can take the best next step in their career while also improving their relationship with themselves.

Let's start by taking control of your time and redirecting your energy towards what matters most for you. Together, we can take the first step towards achieving your goals.

Discover the System to Break Free from the Constant Sense of Urgency

Focus on what creates a real difference & impact in your work and life.

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